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2003 - 2020

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,

I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again"

Bitu's Pet Services has been serving the four legged community for their Grooming needs in the GTA for over 15 years. Pioneers in specialized services such as K9 Aquafitness and Hydrotherapy, with the first ever indoor warm water pool for Dogs and Cats, any age, size, breed and temperament; we have dedicated our lives to serving the world of Pets and their humans with products and services much in need and yet unavailable. Every service launched and provided to the Pet world revolved around Bittu, our baby of almost 17. She was and still remains the inspiration behind all our undertakings. Even in death, she remains our motivator for this endeavor, to help Pet parents achieve the much needed closure and inner peace; by being able to bid a loving goodbye to their pets in the most dignified and respectful manner.   


Our pledge

Losing a beloved pet is the most heartbreaking experience anyone can ever go through at any age. The never ending pain, the emotional roller coaster, the acute sense of impairment and worst of all, the feeling of helplessness; we experienced it all when our beloved baby of almost 17 years left us in 2020. The engulfing confusion, fear of the unknown and lack of clarity on what will happen to her after, left us drained at the time when we needed peace and calm the most.

When Bittu passed, the thought of leaving her at a Vet clinic or a morgue was unthinkable and unbearable. She was our life, our inspiration, the very reason we do what we do. We did our best to be the best parents and never once compromised in her care. Even after she was gone, we wanted to be able to see where our baby departed from and how. We needed to be there with her until she crossed over, to make sure it was she who came back home with us in an urn. Never did we think we'd have to compromise at this final junction. Death is the only reality of life and yet, it isn't something any of us would want to think about. However, it is the time one needs peace and should never have to worry about aftercare. After going through such an emotional turmoil ourselves, we pledged over Bittu, that no Pet parent will ever have to go through such uncertainties and that every Pet deserves to be sent off with the love, dignity and the same respect we wanted for our precious girl.

Our tribute
Bitu's Pet Cremation Services is a pledge and a tribute to the love of our life, Bittu; to provide a dignified and memorable farewell, to the most valuable member of your family, your Pet. It is a celebration of their journey with you and your family and a chance for everyone to pay their respects and say their final goodbyes. It is their final resting place where you are able to be present and witness their crossing and attain some peace of mind and much needed closure; knowing that they were surrounded by love till the end and the surety that it is indeed your Pet going back home with you.

Personalised, respectful and fond farewells bringing closure to families.


Excel in dignified and ethical, personalized Pet aftercare with integrity, accuracy and accountability.

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